Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

Feel free to email us at to book a consultation meeting so that we can discuss your needs and decide on the best way to move forward.

Take a look at our pricing packages and note what services are available for each package. This will give you an estimate of the minimum costs of your product. The cost varies based on any additional features or requirements.

We promise to try our best to incorporate your theme of choice. We also promise to comply with the regulations of the Copyright Act of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Security is our top priority. We will ensure that all our products are built with your security in mind.

Technically, you can. But this comes at a cost to our developers. Our projects are completed on a milestone timeline. If you decide to cancel during a milestone, you will be required to pay the full cost of the incomplete milestone. 

On successful completion and handover of your product, you will be given six (6) free months of maintenance if anything should go wrong. Thereafter, maintenance services will come at an additional cost. 

Generally, we start off with a consultation. We'll submit a project proposal for your approval and sign the necessary paperwork. Development begins and continues on receipt of each milestone payment. Don't worry, we'll check in with you at the start and end of each milestone. We test (and test and test) your product for bugs and once you are satisfied, we will officially launch and handover your product to you. Simple, right?