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At the dawn of 2020, three web developers made a decision to work together to provide ICT solutions for the people who need it most. With over four (4) years experience, and observation of the growing global digital environment, we were inspired to help businesses transform their brick and mortar store into a booming online presence. Our hope is that no one is left behind and as such, our team has dedicated every day to live and breathe our mission.


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Our mission is to provide a suite of easy-to-use software & web applications to accommodate business needs.


Our vision is to provide web and software services to continually support and improve user needs as the world changes.

Creative Team

Meet your team

Ishmael Moreno


Ishmael, an Internet Technology graduate from COSTAATT, has forged a unique path by combining his skills in Graphic Design, UX/UI Design, and Programming. This diverse skill set has made him an unstoppable force in the tech world.


Under his leadership, CtrlAltFix Tech is on a mission to drive growth through cutting-edge digital solutions in the Caribbean.


Ishmael's commitment to making a meaningful impact in the Caribbean tech community is unwavering. He strives to provide accessible and transformative solutions that enhance the lives of many.


Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors as the CEO of CtrlAltFix Tech, Ishmael is deeply passionate about the creative arts, often delving into animation and lending his expertise to NGOs for positive change.

Shanice Dick


Specializing in planning and execution, Shanice uses that experience to maintain control of the company’s diverse business operations.


By focusing on providing technological solutions to support and improve the needs of the others, Shanice has been able to put the Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Technology she earned at COSTAATT to good use.


She may spend her spare time helping youths find their passions for business, but it’s her love of technology that gets her up in the morning.


When she’s not busy working, Shanice is an avid reader and loves spending time learning how to latin dance or planning events.

Kafra Morris


Kafra has cultivated a range of skills grounded in a Bsc. Information Technology at COSTAATT(College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago). These skills have progressed through implementation of solutions for the web, and enhancing software services, ranging from simple websites to corporate systems.


Complementary to any application development, Kafra is also competent in software analysis and testing, thus forming a solid knowledge base for the technical field.


Apart from the tough stuff, Kafra loves helping others, especially tutoring primary level students to prepare them for exams, or simply volunteering to help with school work when they need an extra hand. DIY projects are her go to, as she finds satisfaction in exercising her hands-on creative quality, when it comes to home solutions and organization.

Forward Thinking

Why Us?

Work Anywhere

Located in Trinidad and Tobago, we provide services for the Caribbean market and expanding worldwide.

Design Together

We work alongside you, step by step in the development journey to create beautiful applications that are expressions of you.

Users First

Your users build your business. Building relationships with them is key and we put simple, easy user experience first to keep them excited to work with you.